Drywood termite treatments

Before choosing a treatment method to get rid of termites, you must find out the extent of the dry wood termites infestation. Check for termite fecal pellets and holes. The more you see, the more likely it is that you have a serious infestation.

You can choose 2 types of termite treatments, according to the extent of the infestation. You can choose whole-structure treatments or spot treatments. As the name suggests, the whole-structure treatment is used to get rid of termites on the entire structure in places both visible and invisible, while the spot treatment is used to deal with a certain infestation spot.

Treatment – Whole structure

Fumigation is an efficient whole-structure treatment. If monitored, the gassing process will assure that the termite infestation has been stopped. In the process you may have a few difficulties like:

  • Tarpaulin installation
  • Proper fumigation dosage
  • Food protection
  • Poor control of residue
  • Building evacuation for 3-4 days
  • Roof damage because of tarpaulins

Treatment – Heat

Another termite control method is done through heating the building for at least 30 minutes and until it reaches at least 120°F. This way you don’t have to use chemicals and the building must be evacuated for only a few hours. Difficulties you may come across:

  • Infested structural beam temperature raise
  • Damage to items that are not heat-resistant
  • Complete lack of residue control

Treatment – On the spot

You can choose from either chemical and non-chemical treatments. For liquid or dust methods, termites must come in contact with the termiticide. Liquid nitrogen can also be used to effectively kill termites in the area of appliance. These treatments have a very high efficiency rating. Difficulties you may come across:

  • No residue remains when using liquid nitrogen by itself
  • Chemical insertions mean you have to drill holes in the wood

Treatment – Microwave

Using microwave devices can effectively get rid of termites on an area. It also doesn’t leave any residue. Difficulties you may come across:

  • Lack of accuracy
  • Surface and interior wood board damage
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