Effective ways on protecting your home against termites

Termites have become such a serious problem that it’s not anymore a matter if termites will infest your home, but when will they do that. Termites have the power of digesting cellulose  and that is why you should be very, very careful if they infest your home. They can cause serious damage.

Here are some tips on how to protect your home from termites.


  1. The first thing you need to do is remove all wood resources from around your home, construction wood, fire wood, etc. These are a delicious treat for termites. Also avoid depositing compost near your home. All these are food sources for them.
  2. Another factor that attracts termites is moisture. Try to have a dry yard and garden, with no pools or puddles. The drainage system has to work properly, or if you do not have one, maybe it’s time to install one.
  3. But moisture doesn’t always come from nature. You should also look for leakages from your water system. Also check your air conditioning units because these can also cause moisture.
  4. It’s not a bad idea to call a professional from time to time to have a look at your home. It’s better to have the problem solved quickly.
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