Facts about termite damage

When you think about termites, you think about the destruction of your home. Termites are more than a serious problem. The damage caused by them every year is much larger than the damage caused by hurricanes and tornadoes.

The good thins is that although termites can be found in large numbers, millions, they are still small insects, and to cause serious damage to a home it would have to be left unhandled for a couple of years. The tricky thing is discovering the infestation ahead of time, or even better, preventing it from happening.

Termites can make a building loose it’s structural stability and they can even cause it to collapse on people. But these things are extreme.

Another fact about termites is that they never stop eating.  Well, they do, only after they have finished one food source and they move to another. So imagine millions of termites, chewing parts of your home 24/7.

To succeed on getting rid of the termites you will need to have your home inspected once 5-6 months. If you know you live in a zone where termites are a problem, you can even install some chemical barriers to prevent termite infestation. Prevention is the best way to get rid of termites.

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