Flying termites

Flying termites can do a lot of damage so you should learn how to identify them in order to start getting rid of them. They can reproduce real fast and this means you have to quicken things up.


  1. When you find a termite nest, just scrape it with a glass scraper to force the termites to build it again instead of attacking your house.
    This way you will have a couple of days to get all the things you need to kill the termites.
  2. Use some orange oil to spray the entire area where you’ve found the termites. Don’t use the oil only on the infested area but also on nearby areas where termites could go. This will be successfully used only in case of a small infestation.
  3. A bottle of 24 gallons of pesticide can be used for spraying all around the home and the wooden structures that can be found near it. Also don’t forget any area where you have seen termites in order for the treatment to be effective.
  4. You can find termite baits at any Home Depot store. They have to be placed right where you saw the termites and after they die, you can discard the baits. It will not be effective in case of large infestations.
  5. Another pesticide that can’t be detected by termites can be used. After they have passed through it, the termites will die. You should use it around your foundation and in every place you have seen termites.
  6. If you can’t succeed with any of these methods, you have to hire a professional. If you don’t get any kind of results in two weeks, then you should definitely call a professional exterminator.


When you use pesticides, be very careful with your children and pets because they are very toxic.

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