Getting rid of termites

Because termites can do real damage to your house, it’s better to know what are the signs for termite infestation in order to prevent it.



  1. When there is warm outside, it’s very possible to see dry-wood termites that come out from their nests.
  2. Check your house for structural damages, especially in the places where the foundation meets the walls.
    Use a flashlight to help you see better and a large screwdriver to find any sign of hollowed-out wood.
  3. Search for any sign of small tan, reddish-brown or black droppings.
  4. Look closely for mud tubes inside and outside as well, because subterranean termites build them for getting access to a food source.

Confirming what you have thought at first

  1. If you think you have a termite problem, call a professional to see if you are right and find out about your options regarding the elimination, control or prevention of the termite infestation.

Preventing termites yourself

  1. Don’t let any water leaks unrepaired or a dripping faucet.
  2. Roof water has to be controlled by correcting any gutter problems.
  3. If there is a drainage problem then it needs to be corrected.
  4. Any wood that is in direct contact with the soil needs to be removed or elevated.
  5. Use insect screening for any foundation vent.
  6. You have to caulk your home’s exterior in order to fill the cracks.


  • When it’s time to repair the termite damages, you will need some professional help.
  • If you have white light bulbs, it’s better to replace them with some yellow or pale-amber bulbs.
  • A normal treatment has to last at least five years but inspections have to be done every two years.
  • It’s better to learn about termite’s behavior or nesting habits, to know how to fight against them.
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