Getting rid of termites and ants

Termites eat away your house wood and ants make food supply damages. Getting rid of these insects does not require the help of a professional exterminator. You can either use some cheap remedies to fix the problem or perform some extermination services on your own.


Exterminating and preventing termites

  1. Buy an insecticide spray and use it for any wood article in your home or under it if it that has a termite problem. After you have treated the infected areas, you may have to replace the wooden pieces that have been affected.
  2. Use some insecticide for you house foundation and also for the yard to cover every building that can be found on your property. You can either use the spray for a 10 feet area away from your home or cover the whole yard.
  3. Don’t let termites to get back in your home by using insecticides at regular time periods. Move any stack of wood away from your home and treat every wooden post, porches or deck to make sure termites will not come back.

Terminating and preventing ants

  1. Use an insecticide to spray your house foundation in order to kill different types of ants that can be found in your house. Do the same for your yard to prevent ants from coming back in your home through different cracks.
  2. Another way to get rid of ants is to make a special ant bait from borax powder, sugar and water. You have to take one part of borax and three parts of sugar and then add water until the mix becomes a thick syrup. Put some droplets on a piece of cardboard and then place it in an area where termites have been found.
  3. Let the ants to feed themselves with this bait and take it to their nests and colonies because the effect will be much greater. After the ants eat the bait, they will not die immediately and live enough to take it to the rest of the colony.
  4. Keep your home protected at all time by using insecticides on your home foundation and yard at a regular basis. Don’t let ants to get to your food supply by sealing it in airtight bags.
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