How to find out if you have termites

Termites love dead wood so they can infest your home and start destroying your house causing huge damages. Termites can be unnoticed for a long time and when you discover them, the damages can be worth a lot of money. You can save some time and money by looking in areas where termites like to live.


  1. If you see swarms of flying insects around your house then you may have termites. You can also look for wings that have remained from the swarm. These wings are small and have the form of a light brown feather.
  2. Mud tubes can be also a clear sign of termite infestation. They have the diameter of a lead pencil and can be found mostly on the foundation or near the cracks on the house wall. They help the termites navigate more easily.
  3. Look closely for termite fecal matter near your home. Even if you don’t find the termites, they leave these droppings behind that look like salt and pepper.
  4. Take a screwdriver and knock on the walls. If the sound is hollow then you probably have a termite infestation. Also look for weak spots in the wood and if you find some tunnels then you have a termite problem.
  5. Try to put together any evidence you can find. Present them to a professional exterminator and see what steps you have to follow next.


  • Don’t pay the first termite exterminator you talk to. Analyze more than one offer to see which one is the best.
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