How to prevent termite damage

Termites can cause extremely costly structural damage to the house. This is why you must protect your property, to avoid spending a fortune on repairs.

Regular inspection

A professional is needed in order to find out if your property is infested with termites or not.

Proper inspection must be done also before buying a new house.

Remove moisture source

Moist areas are perfect for termites. To prevent them from infesting your house, make sure you have no broken or leaking pipes anywhere in the house.

Holes in the house

Make sure you seal up any holes and openings in the house. This way, insects, as well as termites, are less likely to enter the house.

Treated wood

Construct the house using chemically treated wood, both internally and externally. Also, raise any decks or outdoor wooden structures off the ground so that they’re not in direct contact with the soil.

Wood-soil contact

Because termites travel through underground tunnels, seeking food and moisture in your house, you need to keep the wood elevated from the soil, so that it doesn’t come in direct contact with the soil and tunnels.

Wood storage

Avoid storing wood outdoors. If you do, make it as safe as possible, and try to store the wood, far away from the house.

Keep mulch away

Try to keep mulch away from the house, because it is a high in moisture source of food for termites.

Remove shrubs and plants

You must remove any bushes and shrubs around the house because they increase the chance of a termite infestation.


Proper ventilation reduces moisture and humidity buildups. This will decrease the chance of a termite infestation.

Stagnant water

Make sure there’s no stagnant water around the house. Also, the drainage system and gutter pipes mustn’t be clogged.

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