Identifying a dry wood termite

A dry wood termite can make real damage if it gets into your house. Dry wood termites will eat your wooden structures until these will be so weaken that will collapse.

Dry wood termite areas

There are many different types of termites and all of them need a level of moisture to help them in growing and burrowing.

As we can realize from their name, dry wood termites only need some dry wood. They can be mostly found in those homes that do not have to pass through freezing temperatures and will burrow along the grain of the wood.

Dry wood termite identification

Dry wood termites can eat a big part of your wood before you can find about their presence. Some usual inspections will not help too much for their identification, only if you know how to look for their fecal pellets that can be found at the base of an infested structure. If you have managed to spot these pellets, than you certainly need the help of a professional.

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