Identifying termite mounds

Because termites have the possibility to make real damages in your house, you have to prevent their actions by knowing how to look for termite mounds. Although they are enemies of the pest control professionals, these termites have the power to make architectural works of beauty when they build their mounds.

Termite mounds

Termite mounds refer to the homes of the termites that are raised above the ground.

Their sizes differ a lot and some mounds can even be around four feet tall. Most of them have a height of one to two feet in height. A termite mound is used by colonies as a place to live and also for safety against different dangers. Termites can build mounds that are elaborate and ornate even though they are some dangerous creatures.

There are species of termites that don’t create mounds. This type of structure is used only in those places where the air is dried and the temperature is too hot.

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