Inspecting your home for termites

Termites are things that you will never want to see in your home. You need to pay extra attention in case you live in an area where termites are a common thing. They are usually attracted by moisture, steady temperatures and wood.

If you have see signs of an infestation, then take action immediately.


  1. The first thing you need to do is check your walls for tubes of mud. The first place to look for termites is your basement, because of the moisture. If you see tubes of mud then it means that the termites have eaten their way through the wood. Look for cracks in the paint of for small holes in your walls.
  2. Search for live termites. If you can see holes and tubes of mud, then termites can’t be far away and you might even spot some.
  3. Look for broken wings. This means that the termites are in their reproductive phase and this can lead to a real infestation.
  4. Look for swarms and if it happens that you see some, then this is a real problem. If you spot a swarm then it means that a real colony is in your home.
  5. One easy way to spot holes in the wood is to tap it and you can hear if it’s hollow or if it has a weakened structure.


  • if you have found some signs but no termites, then you should call a professional and he will get a better look at your home.
  • don’t confuse termites with ants
  • always get a few opinions and quotes from multiple companies.
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