Making termite baiting

If you find signs of termite presence in your house, then termite baiting is something that you really need. If you don’t take care of this problem, termites will make some dangerous damages to your house. Although you can determine if they are present or not, killing the termites is not so easy.

If you deal with an infestation of termites, then a professional exterminator is what you need. If you don’t do this in short time, you’ll end up with big problems for your house.

Necessary tools and materials

  • Old cardboard
  • Orange oil
  • Borax

Doing an inspection

In case you think you have termites in your house, then a complete inspection is necessary. Some special areas that you need to check are sub floor areas, inside the roof and the basement.

Although a swarm of termites can be easily detected, you have to also look for fecal pellets and also mud tubes left by termites. Before you do this just look at some pictures of termite activity to know what to look for.

If you have found any signs of activity, then you need professional help immediately. If inspections are done regularly, then any problems can be identified while they can still be easily repaired.

Cardboard bait

Because termites love wood fiber so much, you can prepare some traps for them using old cardboard boxes.

All you have to do is to wet the boxes down, either outside or inside the house preferably in the basement. If there are termites around, they will be attracted by the soft cardboard for sure. Do some regular checking for the boxes and if you find dead termites, then burn the boxes.

Do this thing with the boxes whenever you have to. This will not make the termites disappear forever, but it will help you contain the problem.

Orange oil bait

There are people that have used only a spray of pure orange oil and reported a huge success. It won’t totally eliminate the insects, but using it is good for keeping termites out.

Using borax bait

Borax has effect on insects but there are people that say it’s also good for termites. You can purchase it from any specialists store and when you use it, you have to sprinkle the crystals by the baseboards in any room you might think that you have termite activity.

About extermination

If you found signs of infestation in your home, it’s better to get some professional help and start lowering the damages that termites might do. If inspections are done in a regular manner, you may find problems before they are too advanced.

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