Orange oil termite killer

Orange oil is a very effective and environmentally friendly termite killer. Termites aren’t only nasty pets. These insects can cause massive structural damage to a house and must be taken care of as soon as possible.

Orange oil

The oil comes from orange rinds and is also used in many household products. It is not dangerous for humans and can be effectively used to kill termites. You have to act quick, as termites can produce 2000 eggs in a single day.


Orange oil is properly used when the termites are just starting their colony and aren’t extremely numerous and advanced in the process of infestation. Inspect your house for any signs of termite damage like discolored and blistered paints, soft spots, moist patches on walls or doors, and springy floors. If you detect such signs, seek out the colony.


Because orange oil is effective only in the area that you apply it, you must drill a few holes in the infested wood and apply the oil in order to kill as many termites at a time as you can. Find out what type of termites you are fighting against, as subterranean termites can’t be effectively killed by orange oil, whilst dry wood termites are an easy target.

House protection

To decrease the likelihood of termites invading your house, make the area unsuitable for them. Repair any leaking faucets both inside and outside the house, remove heavy bushes from around the house, keep firewood off the ground, seal house foundation cracks and make sure the gutters are clean and ventilated.

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