Orange oil termite treatment

Orange oil has become a common and effective way of getting rid of termites. The oil is extracted from the inner rinds of oranges and has been used in many other things like aromatherapy or cuisines. D-limonene is the active compound in the orange oil that kills the termites.

Usage tips

First of all, you must find out the extent of the termite infestation. If your house has been severally infested, than using orange oil might not be the most effective idea. On the other hand, orange oil is great for exterminating termites in a limited area. Evaluate the scale of the infestation, or pay a professional to do so for you.

Orange oil properties

Orange oil is more environmentally friendly than other termiticides. It doesn’t leave a toxic residue and is not dangerous for children or plants. It also has no secondary effects and is effective against termites, killing them instantly. The house doesn’t have to be evacuated when using this termiticide.

Buying orange oil

Not all orange oils have the same degree of effectiveness. Depending on the spot and size of the infestation, you need to choose a stronger, or a weaker termiticide solution. Also, if the spot is hard to reach, purchase a orange oil mixture that can be sprayed. For low infestation situations, use a low-strength mixture that can be purchased cheap. For any underground infestations, the solution must be injected into the ground to reach the colonies.

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