Other insects that can threaten your home

If you see some holes in your walls, don’t run to the termite exterminator before you call an inspector first. Just because termites are responsible for more than 90% of the home damage done by insects, this doesn’t mean that you too have a termite infestation.

Small holes in wood can be caused by wood-boring beetles.

These are very small insects, black in color. Another insect that can cause wood damage is the Carpenter bee. It looks like a normal bee, only that the yellow isn’t that bright. They tend to damage unfinished wood. So they can cause damage to wood barns and any untreated wood. If the wood is painted, then these can’t cause any serious damage.

Another insect is the Carpenter Ant. These are big black ants that usually live in trees, and rarely invade nearby structures. These insects don’t eat the wood either, they just tunnel into the tree or the wood structure of the building until they nest. They are a serious problem for trees.

Now, let’s talk a little about the most dangerous insect of them all, the termites. These insects invade building, and start eating them from the foundation, and go up to the roof. They cause most damage of all insect and they can be a real pain.  They are small, with a brownish color, and look very much like ants. The main difference is that ants have pinched waists, while the termites have no waists.

It’s very important to know these different types of insect, because you need to know which treatment to apply. If you can’t tell the difference between ants and termites, maybe it’s better to call a professional. Have your house inspected one a few months to prevent termite infestation.

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