Preventing termite damage

Termites can cause wood damages so it’s important to prevent them by keeping the moisture away from any wood structure. Some places that termites love are stacked firewood, poorly ventilated crawl spaces and shrubbery.


  1. Look for any water spouts, vents, shrubbery or accumulated clutter.
    These may attract termites and provide the necessary conditions for an infestation.
  2. Get rid of any boards, brush, trash or furniture. Place any firewood at a distance of 20 feet from your house.
  3. Don’t let water to get on the structure by putting a splash block at the end of the downspout.
  4. Take away any prune plants that are in the way of the crawl space vents which need to have proper ventilation.
  5. Make a strip with a measure of 12 to 18 inches between the flower beds and the structure and place there some gravel.
  6. Keep a distance of 18 inches between any bush, vine or tree branch and the structure wall.


  • Termites appear every spring to find new food. You should take measures for prevention and if you find any signs of termite damage then a professional has to be called to control the home.
  • After you remove some plants, don’t let them near the house or any other wood structure. Just destroy it or take it somewhere else, far away from your property.
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