Professional termite treatment costs

Whenever the case of moving into a new home, the costs concerning the problems with termite treatment may not be included in the total investment. So what’s to be done when this unseen problem appears?

Termites play an important role in nature, but they represent a serious problem for human kind. The total worth of damage done by them each year is of $5 billion.


Termites represent a serious problem and they can hardly be kept at bay by a novice. You should always hire a professional for this can of matters. But before you hire someone, get a few quotes from different companies. Some of the things you will need to ask concern the type of treatment, the time of the treatment, the costs, the guarantee offered.


Usually, a professional treatment can cost you somewhere between $500 and $2.000, but it all depends on the construction of your home, on how severe is the infestation, the type of contract offered, the area where you live. Ask for an estimate. It’s free!

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