Removing subterranean termites

Termites are maybe the most common problem in the United States when it comes to home damage. In the wild, termites recycle wood, but in populated areas these insects are a real threat to any wood built home. Subterranean termites are responsible for more than 95% of the termite damage in the USA.

There are a few way to get rid of them.


  1. The first thing that you need to do is create an insecticide barrier around the perimeter of your home.  You will need to make some pilot holes near the exterior wall of your home. You will then need to pump some termiticide in the holes. This barrier will keep termites outside the perimeter away from your home, and termites inside the perimeter isolated from the rest.
  2. The next thing that you will need to do is seal any cracks or vulnerable areas along the foundation wall. Look around your home and see if you have any. Also place some termiticide in these cracks and then use a cement seal to cover them up. Wood frames will need to be treated with some borate solution.
  3. You can also place some baits inside the perimeter of your home, for those termites that have already nested. The baits come in solid, liquid and foam states. They will also need to be injected in cracks and holes. Termite baits do not attract termites, but they will be picked up by them. Then they will carry the poison inside the colony and gradually the termites will disappear.
  4. You can use borate-based insecticides on inside wood furniture. You will also protect the wood from wood-eating fungus.
  5. If you have found swarms of termites, and you want to kill them on place, you should use fumigation techniques. But this is only a temporary solution, as after the air freshens, the termites will come on the surface again.


  • you will need to replaced the baits that have been eaten to ensure a continuous treatment.
  • it can be very difficult to get rid of termites. If you see that you cannot succeed by yourself, you can always call a professional.
  • be careful when working with chemicals and poisons as they can be hazardous for pets and children.
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