Renter's rights - termite tenting

Termite tenting is the process of fumigating the house to kill the termites.


Before you start tenting the house, you must evacuate it. The toxic chemicals used to kill the termites are harmful to humans also.

Make sure every inhabitant of the house leaves before starting.


Some landowners will offer you money and even accommodation while the fumigating process is taking place. There are no laws referring to rent payment during the fumigation process. Sometimes, you have to spend double the rent if you pay for the expenses yourself.

Know your rights

Make sure you understand your rights. Speak with the landowner. Depending on the arrangements made, you may not have to pay for the fumigation days because you won’t be in the house anyway. Talk to the landowner and see if he can offer you accommodation while the house is being freed of termites.

Fumigation process

Fumigating or tenting the house will kill off most termites, leaving only those deeply buried in the wood to survive. The survivors will eventually die of hunger. It is an expensive way of getting rid of termites and a very effective one. It is dangerous and requires a professional to do it.


Limit your costs knowing what you are allowed and are not allowed to do with a rented house in the state you are in. This way you will avoid trouble and money.

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