Safety issues of termite tenting

The fastest way to get rid of a termite infestation is the process of house termite tenting. You must leave the house in order to complete the process safely and return in about 60 hours. Make sure you hire a licensed professional.


No one must be in the house until the fumigation process is over and the air is once again breathable and is no longer toxic. You, your family and your pets must find accommodation for a few days somewhere else. When the process is finished and the professionals inspect the air taking samples and verifying that the air is alright you will be able to move back in. The property must be closed shut and you must have the right papers to certify the process.

Household items

You need to take out any plants you might have and most of the food. You can leave the food in the fridge inside. Remove any mattresses that are enveloped in plastic.

Security issues

The one in charge of the project will have to place some secondary locks on the house and place a warning that the property has dangerous chemicals inside. This will keep any thieves out. Also, he will use chloropicrin to keep people away. It is an invisible substance that causes irritation to the throat and makes the eyes water.


The house will be enveloped in an airtight tent made out of tarpaulins which is secured to the foundation of the house using sand snakes, long tubes filled with sand that will prevent fumigation from getting to the neighborhood.

Garden issues

To avoid harming your garden, any plants and tree branches should be at least 18 inches from the tent. It will protect them and allow the tent to hang properly.

After termite tenting

Make sure to wash any clothes or towels before you use them. Also, wash any dishes and pans before cooking and eating. This way you will keep yourself safe from any gas residue.

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