Sealing a termite treatment hole

Termite treatment will be necessary in any situation when a house was built with wooden foundation or has pieces of wooden furniture.

Pouring chemicals into holes

Termites can easily destroy any wooden surface in your house. Measures are necessary immediately after you discover signs of an infestation.

What you have to do is to drill some holes in the cement structures and fill them with chemicals. After you finish the treatment, you will remain with the holes but they can easily be filled with masonry caulk. It’s better if you choose an alkali-resistant caulk because the cements can be highly alkaline and can erode the caulk if this is not strong enough. There are caulks that are good for repainting but you may never need this.

About sealing the hole

Necessary tools and materials: gloves, wire brush, caulking gun, plastic cutting knife and putty knife.

After you have all these, you just have to follow the next steps:

  1. Put on your gloves and clean the entire surface around the hole and its edges using a wire brush. Protect yourself from any cuts or injuries.
  2. The tip of the caulk tube has to be cut off ( the tip can be removed from the orifice in the trigger that most of the caulking guns have, but it’s better not to use this because the necessary edged opening will not be obtained). The flow of the caulk can be made easier if the plunger of the gun will be put in the tube opening more than one time.
  3. Start by pushing the button of the caulking gun all the way to the back, the same for the metal rod and the tube has to be placed in its seat. Insert the tip of the tube into the hole and fill it with chemicals by pulling the trigger. Do this until the caulk is getting out of the hole.
  4. Don’t let the caulk dry and remove all the substance that has come out of the hole. After you do this, you are ready to go to the next hole.

These steps have to be repeated for any hole and in no time you will see the desired results.

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