Stopping termite damage

Termites can make real damage to your house, even compromising the structural integrity. The only
thing you can do before termites destroy your house completely is to kill the colony as fast as you can.


Using liquid treatments

  1. With a liquid termicide you can protect your house by making a barrier all around it.
    There are two possibilities: a repellent or a termicide that kills the termites after they contact it.
  2. The termicide has to be injected into the soil. If you have ground dwelling termites then the termicide will cut all their connections with your house.
  3. Also you can use the termicide in different areas of your house where you think the termites will be. Through this method you will kill every termite that is in the way of the chemical barrier.

Using bait systems

  1. You have to identify some areas where you think the nest will be and set the bait systems.
  2. After you have placed the bait systems, leave them for several days and then make a ground check to see if there have been any termites around. If you don’t find any termites then you have to move the system somewhere else.
  3. If the system works then leave it there. The termicide acts slowly by killing the termites through their nervous system or development.


  • The termicide has to be as new as possible because it can seep into the piping of your home. Because they are new the termicide are not so dangerous.
  • If you care about the nature then you have to use bait systems which are not environmentally damaging.
  • You don’t have to inject anything chemical into the ground so the negative effect will be zero.
  • If your house is in construction then you can also use a borate treatment. This is a chemical that is applied on the wood framing and prevents the termites.
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