Termite baiting

If you believe you have termite problems, you may need to use termite baits to prevent the termites from infiltrating the house. The bait must be poisoned. This way, when termites come in contact with it, they will return to the colony and signal the other termites that the area is dangerous.

Also, this way, the poison carrying termite will expose the other termites to the poison.

Different poison

Termites might adapt to the poison you are using and resist it. Don’t use only one poison, use both lab made and homemade ones. This way the termites won’t get a chance to adapt to the poison.

Termite pests

If you actually feed the termites regularly, they will get used to it an expect the next feeding and most importantly consider it safe. This is when you need to switch to the poison food and exterminate them quick.

Technique testing

You will need to work out what method, trap, bait and location is best to get rid of termites by yourself. After trying out all possible combinations, you will be able to choose the right one.

Natural and commercial

Natural termite baits contain cellulose and decompose in the ground. Commercial baits are placed in plastic tubes and inserted into the ground. The bait from the container will be taken to the colony where it will do it’s job.

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