Termite barrier

You can protect your home from termites with a termite barrier. This can be either a mesh design or a chemical that is placed all around your home. Mesh and rock barriers have higher efficiency but you need the help of professionals for this.

If by any chance termites do get to your house, they will make a lot of damages eating your walls and floors. Installing a chemical barrier is not so hard and you can do it yourself, but because there are a lot of chemicals involved, it’s better to talk to a professional terminator.

Necessary tools and materials

  • Spade
  • Small digger
  • Termite chemicals
  • Concrete drill
  • Concrete mix
  • Large garden sprayer
  • Protective clothing

Trenches and holes

A trench is needed all around the exterior of your house to a depth that reaches the foundations. You have to be very careful to dig all the way to the utility pipes because this can be a very good entrance for the termites. Some holes are needed at some regular distances around the concrete in order to inject the necessary chemicals.

About distributing chemicals

When using with chemicals, you need a protective suit but it’s enough to wear even a pair of gloves, goggles and a mask. After you have mixed the necessary chemicals, pour them into the drilled holes for infusing the soil.

Take a garden spray and soak all the soil with chemicals. Don’t let any gap uncovered because the termites can take advantage of this. It’s better to spend a little more money on chemicals than throwing it on cleaning your house from termite infestation.

About capping or refilling concrete

The holes made in the concrete can be filled with concrete or covered with caps. Caps will be more expensive but will help you on future occasions when you need to use chemicals again. New chemicals will be needed after 5 years time.

About filling trench and monitoring

After the chemicals have been applied, some monitoring will be needed for termite tracks. Some companies can give a monitoring program or you may even agree to something like this after the installation is done. Some baiting stations around your home can even be installed to prevent possible infestations.

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