Termite chemicals

The best way to get rid of an infestation of termites or preventing them from getting into the house is to use termite chemicals. Because termites are looking for cellulose, they will eat everything from walls to picture frames. An infestation of termites is tackled in a different way than preventing it and they will be explored in the next paragraphs.

About existing infestations

Because you need some special chemicals and equipment it’s better if you choose a team of professionals to get rid of the infestation. They have to drill some holes in your house’s basement to inject the necessary chemicals.

About barrier treatment

You can choose one of the two treatments for preventing termites. The first one implies forming a chemical barrier all over your home’s foundation using a diluted chemical. If you don’t make any changes to the soil, the treatment can last for at least 5 years.

Today, there are used some special chemicals that will be less stable because of environmental problems. Termites don’t need too much space in the barrier treatment so it’s recommended to call a professional company. If you decide to do this yourself, take good care at foundation walls, piers and pipes or for any structure that is in contact with the ground.

About in-ground baiting

This is a good alternative for the barrier treatment which implies a piece of cellulose bait at some pre-determined intervals all around the home. For the bait you can use either wood, cardboard or paper. There are situations when one of the baits is untreated for attracting the termites.

After the termites have made contact the baits, these should be replaced with new ones that have been chemically treated. For higher effectiveness, a correct balance of chemicals should be put in the bait. If you have made the bait to be strong enough to kill the termites immediately, others will not come in contact with the chemicals and avoid that area. If on the other hand, the bait lets the termite to get to its colony, then more members will die without even touching it.

In-ground baiting can require too much time and work because the bait stations have to be monitored regularly. You may increase your chances of killing termites by installing a higher number of bait stations.

About above-ground baiting

There are bait stations that can be placed even above the ground but only in areas that termites have been discovered. When the bait is put on an active termite tunnel, the effect will be immediately because the termites don’t need to find the bait. The best solution is a combination of in- and above-ground baiting.

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