Termite control - Orange oil

A very effective way of killing off termites is using orange oil. It has many advantages over other products.


Termites and termite eggs are killed when coming in contact with the orange oil.

Injecting a termite infested wood with this oil will surely kill them. If the termites don’t come in direct contact with the oil, it will kill them when the termites eat the oil injected wood.

Environmentally friendly

Using orange oil is good for the environment. The active ingredient in the orange, the d-limonene that comes from the rinds of the orange, is not toxic for humans and is actually used in many cleaning products. These products are also biodegradable.

Simple to use

Using orange oil to kill off any termite colony is an easy and cheap solution. Because the substance is not toxic for any living thing you don’t need to evacuate the house, or be afraid of your pet’s health. You won’t need to seal off food or move plants, because the substance is completely safe.

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