Termite control products

There are several termite control products. You must choose the one suitable for the state of your problem. Termites can deal a lot of structural damage, so eliminating them quick is highly recommended.

Hiring a professional to inspect the property for you is the first step.

Using non-toxic spray

If the professional thinks that only a small area is infested, using a citrus oil based,non-toxic spray will be enough to kill off an area of termites.

Baiting termites

Using poisoned bait to kill termites is a very effective way. The searching termites will find the bait and return to the colony and infest it. The slow acting poison will do it’s job, making the surviving termites move. The bait must be regularly checked in order for this method to work.


If termites have heavily infested an area, you should hire a professional to use toxic chemicals that will surely kill off the termites. If there are signs of entrance through the house walls, you must evacuate the house until the toxic treatment is finished.


Termites seek out the wood from a house because of the lack of food in the soil. You can prevent a termite infiltration by adding organic matter to the surround soil, keeping wood away from the house foundation and creating a barrier around it of something termites won’t go through, like sand. Also, planting trees, bushes and flowers will encourage the apparition of spiders and bees and other natural termite predators.

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