Termite damage signs

If you are a homeowner, you must understand what are the signs of a termite infestation. Termites can do a great amount of damage and compromise the structural integrity of a house. If you can clearly see signs of termite damage, it may already be too late.


The swarmers are winged termites. These give you the hint that termites are around and so, knowing that termites are present, you can now inspect the house more carefully for signs of damage. You can spot these insects in March and May during the day for less than an hour while they swarm. Looking for small fallen wings might be your only proof that they are around.

Mud tubes

Search for mud tubes. These are actual shelters for the termites as they move around through the walls. Finding these tubes at any level than ground level means you have a secondary infestation. Check wall joists and beams for discolored sections. These sections mean mud tubes might pass through.

Wood damage

If you find clear signs of damage, it may be too late and the wood may be impossible to salvage. Tap the walls and if they sound hollow, or your finger goes through them, than you have a serious problem. Also, check any firewood deposited outdoors.

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