Termite treatments

Termite treatments are used to deal with house termite infestations. Termites can do serious damage to a house, compromising its structural integrity.Termites make themselves visible only after they have already eaten through the wood.

Preventing is the first step of termite control. There are a few signs of termite infiltration:

  • Powdery substance below wooden articles
  • Wooden items that sound hollow on tapping
  • Shelter tubes or mud tubes in a damp corner of your house
  • White ant-like insects in and around your home

Shelter tubes

To protect themselves, termites make tubes of mud and fecal matter that keep them away from heat. Destroying these tubes will kill the termites.

Termite bait

To prevent termites from entering and eating the wood in the house, you can use termites baits, places at the corners of the house and in the property garden. These baits lure termites to them and can then be safely taken out and burnt, killing an entire termite colony.

Termite trap

The termite traps work somewhat like the termite baits. The trap consists of a cardboard bait placed in a plastic container that doesn’t let termites exit it. Thus, once the trap is colonized, you can kill the termites and discard of the trap.


Orange oil, citrus fruits and boric acid, are all homemade methods of getting rid of a termite infestation. Injecting these substances or spraying them on the infested wood, will do the job.

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