Using electricity to kill termites

There are many ways in which a homeowner can get rid of a termite infestation but all of them need to be analyzed before choosing one. Electricity is one of them but it’s used mostly for localized infestation. The body of the termites is largely composed of water so the electrocution will be deadly for them.


  1. It’s important to find out where the infestation is located because the electric current will not pass through different materials like wood or concrete. This is why you have to know where the termites have their nest because otherwise your work will not be effective. Also, very important is to see if the place of the infestation is good for electrocution.
  2. Drills can help in killing the termites because the current will have the possibility to travel better this way. There is also a downside and it’s related to the fact that the drills will damage the structure of your house and the current can be insufficient. If all the right steps are done then this method should help you get rid of 98% of the termites.
  3. After you have made all the arrangements you can start the electrocution. There is a high voltage involved so any appliance has to be removed to protect the circuit. The entire equipment is not heavy so it can be moved wherever you need without making any effort. There is the possibility that the termites will not die immediately but after a few weeks.
  4. Try to prevent any other infestations because even if the termites have been eliminated, there is the chance that they may appear in the future. This can happen by destroying their tunnels in the walls, adding screens over air vents or even using resistant wood.


  • Electricity can be dangerous. Before using it you should consult a professional inspector.
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