Using termite poison in your home

Termite poison is a method for preventing termite infestation. Because it involves a lot of chemicals, the infestation should be handled by a professional. It’s better to eliminate all the termites because leaving some of them alive can be bad for your house.

You have to drill holes in the concrete base for injecting chemical poison in them.

You will need a chemical-based termite control kit.

Chemical barriers

A trench is needed all around the house and the foundation has to be exposed. The digging should go all the way to the utility lines because these can be a good bridge for termites. Holes should be drilled at regular distances for getting to the soil underneath.

You should fill the holes with chemicals and then cover them with concrete or caps. Using caps will help you in the future when new chemicals will be needed. The entire area of soil should be filled with termite poison for higher effectiveness. It’s important to cover all areas so that termites won’t have any gaps to use.

After you have applied the chemicals, you have to fill the trench with soil. Some companies will offer a monitoring program to follow any termite tracks. If you don’t make any changes to the soil, you will need to use new chemicals only after 5 or 10 years. If termites succeed to get to your house, a termite barrier will be needed.

Chemical Baiting

Instead of barrier treatment you can also use a termite baiting system. Some pieces of untreated cellulose bait need to be placed at pre-determined intervals all around the home.

There is nothing that attracts termites in case of in-ground baiting so this can take some time because it needs to be monitored at least once a month by the homeowner to see if there is any sign of activity. You can install a higher number of bait stations to increase your chances for killing termites.

After one bait has been “hit” you have to replace it with a new one. The bait should have a clear balance of poison in order for the bait to be effective. It would be a better idea to use a bait that doesn’t kill termites immediately but lets them to get to the colony and pass the poison to other termites.

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