Ways to poison termites

Before starting to get rid of a termite infestation, you have to remove anything that can be an attraction for termites. The first step you should do is to clean any piece of deadwood, firewood and debris that can become termite food.


  1. Start with a home inspection.
    Don’t let any woodpile to touch the ground and prevent any standing water that can accumulate near your home. Also, try to find the place where the termites are feeding.
  2. See what type of termites is damaging your house. This is a very important thing to find out because if you don’t treat the right species you will not get any result. Find on the internet a guide that will show you pictures of termite species.
  3. In case of dry wood termites, your only solution is to fumigate the house. This means you have to remove the deadwood in which they lived in since now. If you have to deal with a subterranean termite, the soil around the house will have to be covered with pesticide.
  4. In case you find termites inside your home, you’ll need to use a different pesticide and spray it all around. Outside the house you need to set bait traps for attracting and killing the termites. If only some termites eat the poison bait, then they will take it back to the nest and kill the entire nest.
  5. It’s better to take care when using pesticides because they are very toxic. There are cases when some trenches are needed because this will be very helpful in killing the termites.


  • Bait traps and pesticides need to be handled with protection gear.
  • If you don’t get the desired results, it would be better to call a professional exterminator.
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