What do termites eat?

Termites are a real problem for every home. They annually cause damage worth of billions in the USA. It’s important to check your home often to make sure you do not have termites.

Termites eat wood. Everyone knows that. But they actually are attracted by paper. cloth, carpets, and furniture. If you know what they eat, you can be one step ahead of them. Also, moisture is an important factor, because leaving underground, they need a water source. Moisture also keeps them cool in the hot summer days. The most common places where they need to live is in your basement.

Termites are not attracted by the wood itself, but by the cellulose in the wood. This cellulose is also found in carpets, cloths and paper. So basically, everything that contains cellulose is a food source for the termites.

But how do they digest wood? Well, termites are kind of like a hybrid. They have microorganisms that live inside of them that help them digest the cellulose.

So, having this information mind, think about your home, if you have a  wood structure, if you have wood piles near your home, or anything else that may represent food for the termites.

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