Wood mulch and termites

Termites love mulch and this is one of the reasons why they can be found in so many places. Mulch is great for termites as it provides moisture and also a food source.

In case you want mulch in your yard, then it’s better if you use man made mulch and not organic mulch.

The reason why man made mulch is better it’s because it contains pebbles, plastic and rubber that aren’t a food source for the termites. Organic mulch is made out of grass clippings, pine chunks, etc.

If you do not know for what you can use mulch, then you should know it’s used for decorations and for flower or vegetable gardens. Mulch keeps the soil moist and at a lower temperature. That is why it’s loved by termites.

The good news, if you have organic mulch is that you can treat it with termiticides. This can help you get rid of the termite threat. You should treat mulch with a chemical or some home remedy.

One cheap and safe treatment is boric acid. You should though keep your pets away from the mulch. You can also use a commercial pesticide to spray on the mulch. Always talk to a professional before you apply any treatment.

So, if you do have mulch in your yard, make sure you treat it before it’s too late. Termites appear from nowhere and you should try to treat the mulch ahead of time.

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