Skin problems after shower

Many people have seen that itchy skin occur after a hot shower, but most of them do not know the cause of this problem. If you want to find out the possible causes and some tips to avoid this irritating issue, read the following lines.

Although there are no visible changes in the skin after a shower, many people experience itchy skin.

This is very irritating and sometimes embarrassing. The medical term used to describe this condition is pruritus. Itchy skin may occur all over the boy or just on certain areas that are more sensitive. The symptoms of itchy skin are skin rash, blisters, bumps, dry skin,  reddened skin or cracked skin. Sometimes, if you scratch the affected area, the symptoms may get worse.

Itchy skin causes

One of the most common causes of itchy skin is the content of the soap, shampoo, shaving cream/gel or shower gel. All these products contain a coconut extract called sodium lauryl, which may be responsible for this problem. This is a chemical used to lather in combination with water. It is to be noticed that many ingredients in toiletries and cosmetics can cause itches and rashes in the skin.

If you have a sensitive skin, you have to use a suitable shampoo and soap. Changing them may also cause an itchy skin. The advertisements you see on TV are not always very reliable. So, try to use only chemical and mild free products to avoid damaging your skin.

The content of minerals in hard water such as magnesium and calcium can also irritate the skin. When mixed with soap, hard water does not lather enough. Instead, your skin will be covered by a soap film that can give you an itching feels.

You may also be allergic to certain ingredients or products. These may cause irritation and dry skin. The itching feel may last for several hours. If you are very sensitive, the chemicals used in the fabric of your towels or bed covers may worsen this condition.

If you use to take hot showers, you should know that hot water dries the skin a lot. This is the most common cause of an itchy skin after showers.

If you had a sunbath, avoid taking a hot shower because your skin will become very dry. As a result, an itching sensation may affect all your body.

I am sure that many people do not know that an unhealthy diet can also affect our skin. This is because the moisture cannot be retained it essential nutrients are absent. An unbalanced diet can also cause an itching feel.

 Tips to prevent itchiness of the skin

  •  Lukewarm water is better than hot water because it does not dry the skin. This is because very hot water eliminates natural oils in the skin. Also, make sure you do not exaggerate washing your body and using too much soap. This way, your skin will keep its natural moisture. A cold shower is also recommended from time to time.
  • Another tip you can use to prevent any skin irritation occur is to use soft water. If you know that you have hard water, achieve a water softener to solve the problem. Your skin will be really thankful.
  • The cosmetics and toiletries that contain sodium lauryl sulfate are also a cause of dry skin. Usually, products that make too much foam and bubbles need to be avoided, especially if you have a sensitive skin. Before buying any cosmetic, you should read very carefully the labels to see its ingredients. More than that try to use the same traditional products; do not replace them too often.
  • After you take a shower, use a moisturizing product to avoid skin irritation occur. Essential oils made of rosemary or lavender is very moisturizing. To keep your skin soft and supple, always apply a lotion before going to bed, before and after a shower. Ask the help of a beautician to solve your skin problems.
  • Our skin can also be affected by a long exposure to humidity, cold and heat. Never wear too many clothes if outside is warm. You should also dress yourself in accordance to the temperatures outdoors. Do not rub your skin after you take a shower. Just press it slowly against the skin; otherwise, you will damage it.


If you have an itchy skin, one thing you want to avoid is to worsen this condition. It is advisable to avoid rubbing or scratching the affected area and to cut your nails short. If you feel that you have to scratch your skin, try to put some ice on the respective area. Another idea to avoid scratching is to replace the ice with cucumber or honey.

Herbal medicines are also a good and effective remedy for itchy skin. Put some neem leaves in warm water and use it to wash your body. You can also replace the soap with milk or green gram powder with turmeric.

Ask your physician to prescribe you some antihistamines and antibiotics. These medicines can help you get rid of any allergy and itchiness.

If you have an itchy skin, try to nourish your skin from the inside of your body. This means that you should have a healthy diet prescribed by your dietitian and drink many liquids. Avoid aerated drinks if you want to have a supple skin.

To avoid itchiness of the skin, take an oatmeal bath every week. This is a very effective remedy for itchy skin.

Now, that you know all the causes of itchy skin and the best remedies you do not have to feel embarrassed anymore. Just be patient and follow the instructions mentioned before. Do not expect that your problem will solve very quickly. It will take you a few days or several months to see the improvements. Be confident and patient! Your problem will be solved if you take into account the tips mentioned in the lines above.

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