About impact resistant windows

Impact resistant windows are very popular in homes situated in coastal areas because these areas are frequently hit by hurricanes and strong winds.  In Florida for example, when constructing a new house, impact resistant windows must be included in the design. Also insurance companies will make you a discount on your home insurance if you have impact resistant windows.

Facts about impact resistant windows

Impact resistant windows have special glass that is designed to resist the impact force of debris that might hit the windows during a hurricane or a harsh winter. The glass is designed in such a way that it may break on impact but will not shatter into many pieces. This is the effect of the protective film that laminates the glass. Other impact resistant windows have tempered glass. This glass is designed to break on strong impact into many small pieces like pebbles. Combining the tempered glass with the protective film offers a very safe and resistant window glass.

When buying impact resistant windows

Impact resistant windows can be acquired pretty much from any windows producer. Also, you can buy them online, but be sure you are informed properly on the return policy of the windows, if you realize that you’ve been sent the wrong merchandise or it is damaged in any way.

Installing impact resistant windows

Impact resistant windows are installed like any other standard windows. When replacing an existing window you just need to take the old windows out of the frame then place the impact resisting window in its place. After that, nail the frame and use silicone caulk to seal the space along the edge of the window.

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