About solar shades

Solar shades have a few advantages over normal drapes, blinds or other kinds of windows coverings. The materials used when constructing these solar shades, don’t permit the entrance of sunlight and ultraviolet rays in the house.

Keeping heat out in summertime

Solar shades block the sunlight from entering the house, so they make the interior living space more comfortable during summertime, because a good part of the heat doesn’t even enter the house.

Solar shades designs

Window screens are cheaper than solar shades, but on the long run, solar shades prove to be more cost efficient due to the advantages they offer. Solar shades come in many sizes, shapes and designs. You just have to find the one that suits your preferences.

Blocking ultraviolet rays

Solar shades are efficient in blocking the effects of ultraviolet rays, thus helping you have a more healthier life.

Minimizing the need for air conditioning

Using solar shades will minimize the need for air conditioning as minimal heat is entering the house. The temperature is much better during the day but also during the night. Because the heat is conserved, your heating bills should be lower in winter.

Protecting your things

Solar shades prevent your furniture and other items from direct contact with the ultraviolet rays, thus improving their life span and better conserving their texture.

Providing clear view of the outside

The disadvantage of drapes is that, even if they do reduce the heat inside and protect your home from the ultra violet rays, they block your view of the outside. Thus, solar shades come to solve this problem, protecting you and your home, but in the same time offering you a clear view of the outside.

Improve interior comfort

Solar shades block the bright sunlight from entering your home as these bright glares can become irritating more or less in the morning or the evening. This makes it difficult to do simple things like watch television. Using solar shades you are sure to have a pleasant view of the outside, without damaging your eyes.

Energy conservation

Solar shades reduce indoor temperature in the summer so you won’t need cooling from an air conditioner. This is not only beneficial to you, but also to the environment.

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