About window shutters

Many windows have shutters for decorative reasons or to protect the windows from any harm. Decorative shutters are fixed on to the wall so they can’t move. Window shutters can be located either on the interior or the exterior of the house.

Either way, painting these shutters takes a lot of time because they usually have many little crevices that are hard to get to.

  1. To remove the shutters from the wall you must take off the hinges or screws or whatever holds them in place.
  2. Use warm water with soap and a scrub brush to wash the shutters.
  3. Choose what color to paint the shutters in and mix a can of that paint. After that you will need to get a brush that is wide but also thin.
  4. Be careful when painting the shutters, not to miss any crevice.

Right brush for painting window shutters.

To make the whole job of painting the shutters a lot easier and faster, you should use a wide and thin brush with long hairs that can cover the entire project, instead of using a small paint brush to cover each crevice individually.

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