Advantages and disadvantages of window grids

Windows grids are often used for decorative reasons. They give a window the look of a divided light windows. They are usually made of PVC or wood.

There are advantages and disadvantages to these windows grids.


  • Window grids are relatively cheap. You can buy kits for as low as 15$ dollars per window.
  • You need only a few tools like measuring tape, scissors and level.
  • Window grids can be installed to almost any window.
  • Grids offer a nice decorative touch to windows and doors.
  • Grids can give a window or door its specific historical period or architectural look.


  • Even if grids give the look of a divided light window it is only an imitation. Architectural purists consider these adhesive grilles inauthentic, cheap imitations.
  • Grids make cleaning the windows a harder task.
  • They may not stick long.
  • Making your grids straight is a difficult task.
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