Condensation effects for interior windows

In every house that has windows, at a certain point in time, you can encounter condensation. It is a phenomenon very predictable and should not represent an issue in any case. Scientifically speaking, it occurs due to a higher level of humidity inside the house compared to the outside atmosphere.
Basically the warm air from inside the house will hit the colder one outside causing the windows to become foggy.

This can all be repaired when the level of humidity from the house will be lowered. This phenomenon is usually caused by the use of certain devices that cause an increase in the humidity level in the house. Such devices include showers, ovens or laundry.

In case of severe condensation where it is dripping on the floor, a serious problem can arise and some specialist help should be called for examining the issue.
Why should this matter be treated with seriousness? Because this can cause the appearance of some serious issues. The most common one is having the walls next to the window rot and even worse, mold can build up in the area next to the windows.

Mold represents a danger because it can affect other parts of the house too, besides the ones next to windows. If the general level of humidity in the house is big, then the possibility of mold represents a real issue. Furthermore, after attacking the walls, it can reach the wood structure of the house and cause wood rot. This usually leads to some very unhealthy living conditions.

Another cause that leads to a high humidity degree is precisely the habits that the family has. Having long hot showers and baths are just an example of such practices. The ones living alone are more likely to have a lower level of humidity than those living with their families.

If living alone is not your case, then there are certain practices that the family can adopt for reducing this issue. Making sure that the vent is connected to the dryer so that hot air cannot escape in the home, putting lids on the cooking pots and taking shorter showers and baths are just a few examples of these kind of practices. They are worth adopting for keeping down the humidity level of the home.

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