Do you have a broken slider for a window glass? This is how to repair it

In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, the slider should be replaced as fast as possible. Before starting with the repairs, the parts of the window have to be identified, which should not be a very difficult task considering the fact that for example, if the glass is broken, all you have to do is replace it with a new one.

But, let’s see according to each step what should be done:

You should start by cleaning the areas with broken glass.

The biggest parts can be collected using a broom and a dust pan, whilst the smaller ones which are harder to reach can be taken through a vacuum cleaner.

After cleaning the area, you should check the frame to observe if there are any missing parts or if it has bent. Before this check, you should be sure to have all the necessary materials for replacement. By using a tape measure, get the dimensions of the frame and glass and contact the local glass provider to help with obtaining the exact dimensions.

The second step would be to make sure that there aren’t any more damages in the casement and especially with the slider. If the latter is bent, you should use a screwdriver to open the casement and use a hammer for straightening the slider. Be careful not to place too much force on the slider in order to avoid any damages and tap it until it straightens.

Step three consists in replacing the broken glass with a new one. The entire glass can be replaced by removing the screw which can be found in the frame at the bottom or top. Removing one screw would be enough and afterwards slowly pulling the frame. It is safer to do this on a table in order to avoid the risk of falling. Another important step is to see if there aren’t any damages on the gasket too.

The last step is to remove the sash from the frame. After replacing the glass, it should be secured again by putting back the screws. In order to completely seal the frame, make sure that this is not the type of window that requires the use of caulk. In order to remove it, the use of an utility knife is sufficient. This is very important to check because in case if there is some caulk left near the edges, it could crack while tugging it off.

Last, but not least, place the frame on the slider and make sure to check if panels will slide correctly.

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