Everything you need to know about window moisture

Moisture is always present in the air, but its level depends to how warm or cold the air is. It occurs when a surface with a higher temperature comes in contact with another surface that has a lower one.

When these two surfaces meet, the warmer one cannot retain all that amount of moisture and has to release some of it which leads to the appearance of condensation.

Usually is mostly visible on the interior side of the windows because it cannot really be seen with the naked eye when it forms on a surface that cannot absorb it.
Most often it forms during winter and it is very important to be cleaned on time because it can lead to the apparition of mold and mildew.
There are certain issues in houses which can cause the frequent apparition of condensation.

Frequently encountered in older houses are the water barriers that are not properly installed. They are very important because they represent a barrier in front of the soil moisture entering the house and into the living areas.

Another issue encountered in older houses is also the inadequate ventilation, especially in the basement which leads to retaining the moisture in the house. In this case, besides windows where the condensation can be seen, it can appear on any surface in the house due to the temperature difference.

Modern houses on the other hand, are better insulated with double windows. This helps keep the house more sealed but, on the other hand represents an ideal ally because moisture is kept inside the house.

Another issue with modern houses is that the air does not circulate freely due to a lack of ventilation. The most important moments of the day when moisture will appear is during morning and evening, when inhabitants return home from work. During the day, the temperature in the house is lowered.

The number of people living in a house is another source of condensation. Without taking into consideration the sweat produced by each member of a household with 5 people, they have around 2.5 gallons of moisture into the air daily. When they will all be in the same room, the level of warm air will be very high leading to condensation.

Also, regular activities, can usually turn into window moisture. Regularly, breathing produces around two pints of moisture daily, while using during a washing and dryer, up to 10 pounds of moisture are produced. And all this will collect in the surface of the window.

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