How to maintain your house windows

An important part of maintaining your house is the cleaning and checking your windows for any damages. Due to temperature differences, dust the condition of a window can become less good and loose its longevity. Read on and discover some maintenance tips.

A basic procedure is to clean the window. There a few aspects to take into consideration like the type of your window, what product to use.
For wooden windows use a damp cloth to wipe. Use rarely water or you might end up facing a serious problem with rotted wood.
Vinyl and aluminum frames are best suited to be cleaned by a mild detergent and a soft brush.
Don’t forget about the window glass. With a glass cleaner you can leave a sparkling area behind.
Also, clean the casing and the surrounding wall area. You will avoid the build up of debris and dirt in the window components, which would cause jams.

Make an inspection to all of the window components, preferably each season. Check the window frame, sash, seal, the window casing, the condition of the weather stripping, take a metal probe.
Moisture can be infiltrated if rot appears. Check for it if you have double or triple-paned windows. Its presence is an indicator that the seal has to be replaced. The sun has a damaging effect on the frame that can be brittle or warp. The paint can be peeling off. If you find gaps between the walls and window casing, use latex caulk to fill them.
We all know how much energy costs. Don’t raise the costs by leaving gaps around your window. Replace the damaged rubber seals. Water and air leaks will be reduced and the window will be secured in its place. For sealing use caulk or spray-form insulation.

Consider every 3 to 4 years to repaint the frames. When you take this task, clean beforehand the windows. Always remember not to paint over parts that move or a closed window because it will get stuck.

As soon as you observe any damage, you must proceed to repair it. If you deal with rot, take a screwdriver and clean out the affected wood. You can use epoxy putty to fill cracks and holes. After the area is dried, smooth it with sandpaper and apply primer, then paint. Replace any broken or cracked glass.

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