How to repair plastic window shutters

If you want to redecorate the outside of your home, plastic window shutters can help you do that. They come in different textures and colors. They are durable, but sometimes may suffer damage caused by the exposure to elements.
You can repair the holes or scratches in the shutters by reading the following guide.

The first action you should take is to remove the shutters. Climb up a ladder to reach the top of the shutters. With the help of a screwdriver, remove the shutters from the wall. If they have shutter locks, cut through the plastic with a chisel and a hammer.
With a soft, damp cloth clean the dust and dirt.
Lay the shutters on a flat surface, in a place with good ventilation. With a hair dryer blow away debris from holes. Purchase a silicon caulk with a color similar to your shutters. A popside stick will help you press the caulk inside the hole. If you apply too much material, you will deal with the mess created on the rest of the surface. A damp sponge will clear away the excess caulk. For the task to be complete, allow the caulk to dry.
Another damage made to the shutters is the scratch. To begin to fix the problem, you will need lacquer thinner poured on a clean, soft cloth. With it wipe the scratch and the area surrounding it. Give it time to air-dry. The next step is to apply, carefully, liquid seam sealer into the scratch, enough to cover it. Let the sealer fill the problem area completely and dry. Most of the times, an overnight period is enough.
With another soft cloth that has PVC cleaner on it clean the surface of the fixed shutters. Allow it to dry.
You will now want to paint the plastic window shutters. Use a sawhorse as a support and place them in a horizontal plan. The best choice is to have a spray paint. Spray the surface from one side to another. Let the paint dry, whilst the shutters are kept in a shaded place.
Reuse the screws that were holding the shutters at the beginning. If you have dealt with shutter locks, you will need new ones in order to reattach the shutters.

chisel and a hammer, lacquer thinner, plastic window shutters, PVC cleaner, remove the shutters, sawhorse for support, shutter locks, silicon caulk, spray paint