Ideas on Designing Exterior Custom Shutters

Regardless of new or old constructions, you may need custom shutters for the exterior. Usually it all depends on the measurements, as shutters on very old homes don’t match the new designs and the standard designs might not be what you were looking for. You also have to consider if it is practical, but the process is not nearly as difficult as one might think.

There are many styles to choose from and it depends on you and what direction you want to go with the design – for instance you can choose something classical or if you have a typical Florida bungalow, you might want to try Bahaman shutters. Start with the measurements, as those are the most difficult. If you are in luck you might find a manufacturer who can satisfy your order easily. Do a sketch of all the shutters and complete it with your measurements. Measure the openings at different points, in both width and height. Checking the diagonal is very handy and don’t forget to measure the depth of each window, from the face of the frame to the face of the house.

If you stress on design you can generally go with aluminum or vinyl shutters as they can come in a variety of colors to enhance their windows and you’ll have plenty to choose from. As it is, wood and steel shutters can also be painted pretty much any color you want. Low maintenance-wise you can go for fiberglass or vinyl. Otherwise, if you’re interested in functioning shutters you will have to decide on hardware – hinges, handles and locks. From time to time, you might need to replace different hardware.

Once you have all sorted out, examine the offers. Each company specializes in something, whether it is material, historic preservation and so on. Choose them by your most important feature first. For hurricane protection, check out those who offer hurricane certified shutters.

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