Maintaining wooden window frames

In time, wooden window frames can cause important and expensive to solve problems. This is why it is very important to check them regularly for any signs of damage and clean them often. Regardless of the type of frame that you have, a simple maintenance can be done, with clear steps to take.

You can use the following information to keep the frames in a good state.

First, dust off the window frame. Use a dry, clean cloth. You may end up with dust on the floor below and the space around the frame. Vacuum it or sweep the area in focus.
Now, prepare a second cloth (or wash and reuse the first one). This time, soak it in water with soap. Wring it out because you don’t need all that water to pour on the wall or wet too much the frame. You can use a simple dish soap or , if you have a wooden cleaning product, it is even better.
There is a chance for dirty water to run down the window. So be prepared with a plastic sheet or a towel for the floor. If you feel you have do bring more cloths, do so; it is better to avoid a mess, then clean one.

Wash the frame with the soapy cloth. You will see result right away. If you think it needs another scrub, do that until you are happy with the results. Rinse the cloth regularly, reply soap on it and give it another try.
It may be the case to clean the window and the area around it. You may be the judge of that.
Last but not least check the weather stripping and the seal for damage. If you have moisture between the window panes, most likely the reason for it is a leak in the seal. If other problems are found, you will have to repair or even change the window frame.

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