Maintenance of steel casement windows

The casement window comes can be made from different types of materials. An option is the steel casement window that has the property of lasting for a long time, if they are properly maintained.
Before you go buying such a product, understand its forms and functions.

The casement window can be opened with a crank or by hand. It can be found, mostly, in industrial buildings, and rarely in modern or old homes. Their strength is a big advantage. Due to it, the window glass can have a large dimension.
If it is not maintained properly, steel can rust and it is a weak insulator, so you can develop a problem concerning the moisture on the window interior.
Steel casement windows can have a layer of brushed paint, on the exterior or are sealed with a type of seal. Part of the maintenance process is to touch up the paint or seal. A peeling paint looks awful and causes moisture that leads to mold and mildew. With a sand paper that is suited for steel shave off any paint chip. Apply a new layer of paint. Do this at least once a year.
During the spring or fall cleaning routine of the house, caulk all of the joints and surrounding area around the casement windows. Scrape of old caulk from between the glass and frame. Apply a new bead of caulk.
An important part of the anatomy of a steel casement window is the hinge. In time, it can rust. To avoid that, apply a rust remover two times a year and lubricate between the hinges with a hinge lubricant (for example WD-40).
Clean your windows often, so that dirt and grime won’t accumulate over the glass. Do that using a cleaner that is non-abrasive for steel.

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