Refinish wood window frames

Wood window frames may sometimes need a new finish. You need to properly do that because wood rot, moisture or other problems need to be prevented. Follow our basic steps to do that.

Evaluate if a refinish is necessary. If parts of the paint or stain are peeling off it is the case to redo the frame. Don’t leave it like that because water would enter in the wood and rot it. Also, when you repaint your home, you will probably need to do match the frames with the colors in your home.
Start by removing the old finish. With a putty knife scrape off the paint and stain. When this instrument doesn’t work anymore, use a paint stripper. Leave it on the wooden frames for as long as the instructions say. Repeat the operation with the putty knife. Give the stripper time to evaporate and after that use a sandpaper to finish off the frame.
Use a damp cloth and wipe off the dust from the frames. During the time that frames take to dry out, arrange the area with newspapers for the floor and painter’s tape to protect the window glass.
With a paintbrush dipped in paint primer cover the wood frame. Let the substance dry. Get fine sandpaper and sand the surface until it’s rougher than before. Apply multiple, thin coats of paint. Let each layer dry and sand it before moving to the next coat.
If you want to use the stain technique, there are some basic procedures before you cut the stain. Follow them and then cut a thin stain, allowing it to be uniform so that dark areas will be avoided. Use sandpaper between coats. With a trim brush stain the small areas. After the stain is dry, remove the painter’s tape and the newspapers.

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