Replace Your Plastic Window Shutters

The most affordable option on the market is plastic window shutters. They are sturdy, but extreme weather conditions may leave their mark on them. It is best to know how you can replace them as they may become brittle and break and it’s dangerous to leave them like that.

Generally they are secured with screws, through hinges and into the wall, but some use shutter plugs which look like plastic nails.

You will need a ladder to be able to reach the upper most corners. If your shutters are fixed with screws you remove them using a screwdriver and remove the whole ensemble altogether. In case of shutter plugs, use a chisel to help remove them. Fix the chisel against each plug and tap firmly with a hammer on the other end until the plug is cut off. Remove the ensemble when all this is done and now you have to remove the remnants of plug from the wall. For this use a drill, usually with a ¼ inch bit and drill in the holes.

When done with removing the shutters, clean the wall preferably with a finer brush, of debris and dirt then follow with a damp rag. You might also want to use caulk to fill the holes, until you get new shutters and place them on the wall.
Make measurements, place the new shutters on the wall and mark the points where you will insert the plugs. Remove them – as we don’t want to damage them, and drill on the marked points. It’s best to use a smaller drill than the screws, this will allow for a firm fit. You may want to ask a friend to help you with this process. You then place the shutters, drive the screws into the wall and fasten all shutters.

If you have shutter plugs try and attain a 3 ¼ inches depth. Last, insert the plugs through the holes and tap it with a hammer to secure it.

chisel, plastic window shutters, screwdriver, shutter plugs