Sliding windows

Sliding windows have a different way of opening compared to regular windows which open outwards. These windows tend to be more popular because of their ease of operation and other benefits.

Sliding window durability

Sliding windows have low maintenance costs comparing to ordinary windows, because they don’t have that many components that can wear off, jam or fail after years of use.

Window glazing also improve durability if incorporated.

Sliding window ease of operation

Sliding windows are easy to operate. You just release a latch and then slide the window to open it or to close it. Normal windows tend to be harder to use, especially if they get jammed in any way.

Sliding windows low-maintenance

Sliding windows are cost-effective. Having fewer parts than ordinary windows, makes them low-maintenance.

Sliding windows high functionality

Sliding windows have window glazing incorporated most of the time. This helps reducing energy bills, because window glazing improves insulation efficiency. It also reduces UV ray infiltration. Having sliding windows makes installing insect screens easier and improves ventilation when fully opened.

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